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Capture time Lapse videos on your phone

For our 50th birthday celebrations we were lucky enough to have a fantastic room on the 45th floor of the Shard tower in London.  

So I thought I’d have a go at trying out some time lapse video capture on my iPhone.  I set the phone up on the table by the window in the room using a gorilla pod tripod for stability – if you haven’t seen one it is a a small, very portable and very flexible tripod. The link for more information on Gorilla Pods is here – I shot it in 4k in the iPhone’s time lapse mode and edited it in Final Cut Pro X.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results, but it doesn’t feel quite as sharp as capturing a time lapse on my Go Pro or Dslr. It also feels a little bit jerky as some of the lighting conditions change with the sun appearing and disappearing between broken cloud.  But as a way of capturing a decent time lapse with some simple equipment my feeling is that it is pretty useful.

What can you do with your phone – perhaps it’s time to unlock some of your creativity in new ways using the amazing bit of kit in most of our pockets!

I’d love your thoughts.

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