First off, a very warm welcome to you and thanks for stopping by at my website.  The information below is all about what this site is about.

The idea for my website has evolved over the years, just as my photography has, and continues to do so.  Having been someone who had always wanted to be able to paint, but was terrible at it (and I do mean truly awful) I rediscovered photography about 20 years ago and found that the frustrated painter in me could enjoy capturing and creating images of our beautiful natural world.

The photography bit…

I have always loved landscapes, and it seemed a marriage made in heaven to be able to combine not only my passion for the natural world but also to be able to approach it in a creative way through photography.  I will confess I can also be something of a geek and so the technical aspects of photography, especially in the current digital age, have added another level of enjoyment.

My aim is to try and use the site as a means of capturing my photographic journey, showing different techniques and approaches to both photography and video, including aerial drone videos and time lapse videos.  I will also include articles and videos on subjects such as how to plan landscape photography trips, using filters, creating compositions to how to set up a home studio to photograph flowers for example.  Please do let me know of any topics that you feel may interest or help you with your own photography so that I may consider them.

Photography ticks several creative and technical boxes for me – but at its core it allows me to just reconnect to the simplicity and beauty of our surroundings.  

I really hope you enjoy browsing through the various pages.  Do send me your thoughts and comments through the “Get in Touch” section.

My very best to you


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